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Rediscovering Gold With Technology

Our Services

Waste Pile Cleanup

Our main business.  We partner with the corporate or government owners of waste piles in order to recover value and reduce long term environmental liability.  Most piles can be cleaned up at a profit, and some are very profitable.

Sorting Service

Our equipment, operations team, and engineers are brought to your site to process rock from waste piles or run of mine ore.  The service is subject to equipment availability.

Pilot Plant Service

Similar to the sorting service our modular sorting system is brought to your site for 3-6 months as part of a research and development program in support of your own capital project.

Equipment Rental

In some cases the rental of equipment only can be arranged.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We recognize that sorting systems can be an integral part of mine process systems, often doubling mill feed grade and revenue.  As such we make systems available to active mining sites as well as historical rock piles.  Typical reduction in site processing CO2 and tailings pond volumes are approximately 30-60% improvements.

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