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Our Mission

To rid the environment of toxic metals and acid while providing high rates of return to investors.

To create sustainable sources of metals while reclaiming land disturbed by mining.

To make an everlasting positive imprint to sustain Earth as well as humanity for generations to come.

Our Vision

Our Story

Sulphide Remediation Inc. (SRI) was created in 2020 by a team of mining engineers who were concerned about the legacy of acid rock drainage from historical coarse rock waste piles.  Many of North America’s creeks and ground water tables are being contaminated by highly acidic runoff from waste rock.


 As specialists in Ore Sorting, they realized many of these piles could have the acid generating rocks (sulphides) removed at a very low cost and at a high tonnage rate. By removing 75-95% of acid generating rocks they could create stockpiles free of acid rock drainage.

Sulphide Environmental Remediation inc. now offers full service waste pile remediation.  We supply the people and equipment needed to remove acid generating rock from existing piles and dumps.  We also arrange disposal of the acid generating rock in safe existing facilities. 

Brent Hilscher has over 20 years of mining experience and over the last 7 years he has led over 60 coarse rock sorting projects.  His first construction project was a large waste pile that needed to be reclaimed. 


By using particle sorting technologies he was able to remove a majority of sulphides from the waste pile.  The remaining rock had a AP NP ratio of 4:1 and was considered non acid generating.  The gold in the sulphide product upgraded from 0.8g/t to over 6 g/t opening up the possibility of profitable gold extraction.

Interested in staying in touch with Brent? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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